White Ribbon Scotland web site relaunch

A new White Ribbon Scotland website has just been launched! This interactive web 2.0 site provides the opportunity for men in Scotland to sign up to the White Ribbon pledge (“not to commit, condone or remain silent about violence against women”) but also contains a wealth of information and resources to help you to engage with this challenging subject. A frequently asked questions section gives answers to questions such as “what about violence against men?”

The site has been endorsed by a range of prominent Scottish men including political leaders (Alex Salmond, Iain Gray, Tavish Scott), religious figures (Cardinal Keith O’Brien of Catholic Church, Osama Saeed of Scottish Islamic Foundation, David Lunan Moderator of the Church of Scotland) and and celebrities (Brian Cox, Christopher Brookmyre, Walter Smith, Gordon Strachan).

As a reader of this blog I’m sure you support the White Ribbon’s aims of getting more men active in challenging violence against women. Please could you therefore:

– visit the new site at www.whiteribbonscotland.org.uk and take the pledge (you can upload a photo and make additional comments too, if you wish). Please note that women are welcome to sign up as supporters of the campaign aims.

– have a look at the additional actions available, even for those who only have a few minutes to spare

– most importantly help us to boost the campaign by passing this message on to your friends, urging them to visit the site too.



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