Men Against Violence Against Women conference – 6th December 07 – Hamilton, Scotland

A conference organised by Doorway, South Lanarkshire Partnership on Domestic Abuse and Violence Against Women

6th December 07
Banqueting Hall, Council HQ, Almada Street, Hamilton

Men’s partners, friends, sisters and daughters lives are damaged by violence and abuse. The aim of the conference is to examine why violence against women is also a men’s issue. Men can help create a culture where the behaviour of a minority, who treat women with abuse or violence, becomes unacceptable.


9.30am Registration
9.45am Introduction and Welcome (South Lanarkshire Councillor, Jim Handibode; Mairi Brackenridge, Chair of Doorway)
10.00am Mark Ward, Men’s Health Forum Scotland
10.15am Na’eem Raza, Meem Consultancy
10.30am Break
10.45am Chris Green, White Ribbon Campaign
11.00am Rory Macrae, Working with Men
11.15am Workshops
12.15 pm Closing remarks
12.30 pm LUNCH and opportunity to view exhibition ‘104 Pairs of Shoes’


I would have spoken at this conference but I’m going to be in Hong Kong (!) on this date, so Chris Green from White Ribbon UK has kindly stepped in.

To book a place, please contact Chris Bush, Resource Worker, Doorway

Address: Doorway, 1st Floor, 4 Barrack Street, Hamilton ML3 ODG


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